Building a Prosperous Dental Practice


Building a Prosperous Dental Practice

A Complete Guide to the Business of Dentistry

The only way to succeed in the practice of dentistry is to also succeed in the business of dentistry. This is where you can learn what you need to know not only to survive in the dental industry, but to thrive and grow your business from the ground up.

With dental school behind you, you are ready to move on to bigger and better things. You may choose to practice as an associate for a few years to pay off the debt you amassed during dental school, and then eventually open your own dental practice later on. In any case, your dentistry career is about to take off in ways you never imagined, but only if you learn the business secrets your dental school failed to teach you. The truth is that few dentists get more than one or two courses on how to handle the nuts and bolts of setting up and operating a business. Yet, dentistry is a business and a challenging one at that.

The information contained here is designed to teach you each facet of the dentistry business and provide a convenient reference tool for you as you put its lessons into practice. Here is where you can learn how to plan your business; set up, equip, staff and manage a dental office; handle accounting and legal issues and bring in and retain the patients you need to support your practice. Use these chapters as you like, reading straight through or jumping to the sections that interest you most. Consider this your go-to reference for starting your dentistry business. You have already shown your ability to learn by completing dental school successfully; now it is time to learn how to achieve success as a practicing dentist in a flourishing business.

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