Infection Prevention and Control Before and After Covid19 in Dentistry


It has been extremely difficult for dentists to deliver patient care with the strict implementation of the new Infection Prevent and Control procedures since the COVID-19 pandemic. Every office must comply with digital screening, aerosol-generating procedures, and rigorous documentation of every procedure done.

That’s why it is absolutely critical for dental practices to implement the best infection prevention and control procedures to help protect the patients’ safety, as well as your staff. Dr. Natalie Archer and Joan Hutchings will provide critical information to assist your dental team in protecting themselves and their patients against infections while reducing the risk of disease transmission in the office.

Dr. Natalie Archer, Founder and CEO of Archer Dental Group, and Joan Hutchings, Co-Founder of SAFE Dentistry, will share their expertise in infection prevention and control procedures.

In this 60-Minute webinar, all these topics will be discussed:

– record-keeping
– reprocessing equipment/instruments
– staff education
– continuous quality assurance IPAC Challenges After Covid19
– false negative testing for Covid19
– screening process
– patient care
– aerosol generating procedures (AGP)
– paperless files and other digital data management options

Topics for this course

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WEBINAR – July 14th 2020

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