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Learn to Increase Patient Case Acceptance in Just 60 Minutes


Some dental offices have really high case acceptance rates. Do they have intelligent people with superpowers? Is it all magic?

The truth is that if your office hired a really good consultant, you know and understand the power of proper training for the staff, especially during treatment presentation.

How you present your treatment is the most critical interaction you will have with your patient. It does not matter who presents the treatment plan – it could be your assistant, coordinator or your hygienist – as long as you ensure they follow the different techniques in turning your consultations into lifetime patients.

In this 60-Minute webinar, you will learn to:

  1. Identify/highlight the services that you offer
  2. Improve the structure of your patient flow to increase case acceptance
  3. Develop teamwork among dental staff
  4. Improve team members’ skills in handing off patients
  5. Know the tools you need to help increase case acceptance
  6. Professionally train your case closers
  7. Improve your case presentations and negotiations


  • What Are You Selling?
  • Structure Of Patient Flow To Increase Acceptance
  • Higher Case Acceptance As It Relates To Team Work
  • Patient Handoffs – Is Your Team Trained On How To Hand A Patient Off?
  • Visual Communication Tools Required To Increase Acceptance
  • Where, When & How To Ask For The Sale
  • Who Is The Case Closer? Are They Professionally Trained?
  • What Are Your Case Presentation Negotiation Positions?

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WEBINAR – July 7th, 2020

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