Ventilation in The Dental Office -Are You Safe Enough?


It is now evident that Covid-19 is airborne, and asymptomatic carriers spread the disease. How do you control and prevent air contamination in the dental office?

Keeping your dental office safe does not rely on your PPE but through proper ventilation – your first line of defence. Good ventilation is the most essential aspect to keep your office a safe place for you, your team, and most especially your patients.

How good is your ventilation in your dental office and what can you do about this?

In this 90-minute webinar, Dr. Dil will explain:

  1. The fallow time
  2. How air purifiers work
  3. How negative air units can be affordable and become the gold standard
  4. How upper room UVGI work
  5. How low speed UV air purifiers work

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WEBINAR – Nov 4 2020

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