What Kind of Dentist Do You Plan to Be?


What Kind of Dentist Do You Plan to Be?


What kind of dentist do you plan to be?

Who you are as a dentist can have a profound influence on your ability to attract and retain dental patients. You need to identify your unique personal qualities and the characteristics you are most interested in developing if you want to have a clear vision of your dentistry business’s success. Beyond that, it is crucial to know what you stand for when it is time to develop the branding of your dentistry business.

Practicing dentistry demands you focus on the tasks involved in taking care of your patients’ oral health. Creating business success can only happen if you pay attention to your bottom line. Because you have so many details to think about, it makes sense to develop a persona that is very close to your personal value system and interaction style. In other words, make who you choose to be as a dentist compatible with who you are as a person.

Writing a personal mission statement can help you define yourself and your practice in clearer terms. As Stephen R. Covey says in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Begin with the end in mind.” By creating this personal mission statement before you begin setting up your practice, you provide yourself with inner guidance for making all the little decisions that make up your role as a dental professional and business owner. It helps your clients relate to you on a deeper level and allows them to trust you more.

[boxed quotes of personal mission statements]

“My goal is to provide my patients with a high quality of dental care and to create the kind of patient experience I would want for a member of my own family.”

:”I am committed to caring for each patient’s oral health and helping them to make the right decisions in personal dental care and in choosing the treatments that are right for them.”.

“My intention as a dentist is to contribute to the local community by offering comprehensive dental care and excellent patient education.”