Your Building


Your Building

Your building will have a character all its own. From the location you choose to the way you maintain your office, your building has a large impact on your ability to gain and retain patients. Whether you lease, buy or build, it is important to put time and effort into making the right decisions on which community and building is right for your dentistry business.

The choices you make now will affect the people you treat, the way you work with them and how likely they are to return to your office after their first visit. If you present a professional image with your building, patients will trust you more. And if your building’s interior seems warm and comfortable, patients will feel more relaxed when they come to appointments. Obviously, your dentistry business can only grow and prosper most when patients do not dread coming to your office!

Remember that a part of your purpose in choosing the right location and building and keeping it maintained well is to make your dentistry career as pleasant for you and your family as possible. You need to have a building lease that meets your financial needs and gives you the ability to use the property as you wish, too. As you read this chapter, think of how you can have the building you want and still build a successful business. Whether you want to stay close to family or move farther away to a location you find more agreeable, it is better to include those factors from the outset rather than to regret your decision later.


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