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Rebuilding Strategies
for Your Practice
During and Post Pandemic

Sharky Liu

Ryan Son Kee

Alex Zlatin

Harold Meredith

Matt Bladowski

Dr. Abbas Naqvi

Blake Hadley

Dr. Raj Singh

Atul Mehra

Sandie Baillargeon

Shawn Peers

Bonnie Gross

Joan Hutchings

Dr. Natalie Archer, DDS

Dr. Natalie Archer

Amy Tong

Dr. Dil Hirji

Dr. Anthony Pino

Dr. Robert Carroll


Upcoming Webinars

Let Them Eat Steak: How to Overcome Fear as The Key to Case Acceptance

Shawn Peers
President of Dental Peers
Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 | 5:00 PM EST

How to deal with COVID-19 and prepare for success afterward

Streamline Your Dental Practice To Ensure Success

The coronavirus has hit the dental industry real hard. This pandemic has forced your offices to close doors, and you’re not allowed to meet your patients except in emergency cases. Safety comes first!

Now is the time for you to streamline every aspect in your dental practice. You can use this “lockdown situation” to learn from the industry experts on how to navigate through this “new phase” and be prepared to succeed starting today and in the days to come.

With the help of trusted industry experts, dental offices can build a strategic plan in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis that will prepare them and give them the best position to succeed afterwards.


Calling Dentists, Staff, and Office Managers!
If your answer is YES to any of these scenarios, then this webinar series is for you

Do you feel uncertain about what will happen to dental practices after the COVID crisis?

Do you have apprehensions on how to effectively manage your personal finances during this time?

Are you stressed out and worried sick of what to do next?

Are you having concerns on the livelihood of your staff members?

Are you missing out on important information on how to manage your practice during and after COVID?

Are you worried about losing patients?


FEB 17, 2021 |

Let Them Eat Steak: How to Overcome Fear as The Key to Case Acceptance

Shawn Peers, President of Dental Peers     Wednesday     5:00PM EST


MAY 7, 2020 |

Coping with Covid-19 Fallout and Prepping for a New Reality

Alex Zlatin     Thursday     11:00AM EST

MAY 13, 2020 |

How Can Dentists WIN BIG in the Covid-19 Global War Recovery

Matt Bladowski     Wednesday     11:00AM EST

MAY 14, 2020 |

Re-opening Your Office, Get a Headstart

Harold Meredith     Thursday     11:00AM EST

MAY 20, 2020 |

Dental Marketing: How to Win in the Covid-19 Era

Sharky Liu    Wednesday     11:00AM EST

MAY 21, 2020 |

Basic Dental Photography

Dr. Abbas Naqvi    Thursday     11:00AM EST

MAY 27, 2020 |

Has Digital Dental Marketing Killed Traditional Marketing?

Sharky Liu, Alex Zlatin, Matt Bladowski    Wednesday   11:00AM EST

MAY 28, 2020 |

10 Social Media Marketing Tips to Help Dentists Bounce Back from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Blake Hadley    Thursday     11:00AM EST

JUNE 3, 2020 |

Dental Practice Management and Tax Strategy – Navigating Change in a New Normal

Atul Mehra     Wednesday     11:00AM EST

JUNE 4, 2020 |

Communication Skills for the Covid-Anxious Patient: What Do You Want Your Team to Say?

Shawn Peers     Thursday     11:00AM EST

JUNE 10, 2020 |

COVID-19: Commonly Asked Questions on Investment and Insurance

Amy Tong & Tero Huang     Wednesday     11:00AM EST

JUNE 11, 2020 |

Take Charge of Your Post-COVID Recovery Processes

Sandie Baillargeon     Thursday     7:00PM EST

JUNE 17, 2020 |

Effects of Covid-19 in the Dental Marketplace

Sharky Liu, Alex Zlatin, & Atul Mehra      Wednesday     7:00PM EST

JUNE 18, 2020 |

COVID-19 Screening and Documentation: Making It Easy, Efficient & Complete

Dr. Raj Singh     Thursday     7:00PM EST

JUNE 23, 2020 |

Speak with Presence and Charisma to Increase Case Acceptance in Virtual Consultation

Bonnie Gross     Tuesday     7:00PM EST

JUNE 24, 2020 |


 Atul Mehra     Wednesday     7:00PM EST

JULY 7, 2020 |

Learn to Increase Case Acceptance in Just 60 Minutes

Harold Meredith     Tuesday     7:00PM EST

JULY 14, 2020 |

Infection Prevention and Control Before and After Covid19 in Dentistry

Joan Hutchings & Dr. Natalie Archer     Tuesday     7:00PM EST

JULY 21, 2020 |

How to be an Online Authority and Attract Patients

Alex Zlatin and Sharky Liu     Tuesday     6:00PM EST

JULY 22, 2020 |

“What Should I Post?” Social Media Content That Will Build Your Practice’s Reach, Relationships, & Reputation

Blake Hadley     Wednesday     7:00PM EST

JULY 28, 2020 |

Preparing Your Office for Ministry of Labour and Public Health Inspections

 Sandie Baillargeon    Tuesday     5:00PM EST

JULY 29, 2020 |

The Untold Secrets to Cleaning up the Air and Aerosols

 Dil Hirji   Wednesday     5:00PM EST

AUG 5, 2020 |

Secrets to Booking Patients from your Dental Website – that your Website Company doesn’t Know About

 Sharky Liu   Wednesday     6:00PM EST

AUG 12, 2020 |

Getting your Recovery Fundamentals in Order

 Shawn Peers   Wednesday     6:00PM EST

AUG 18, 2020 |

8 Easy Instagram Marketing Tips to Attract New Patients

 Blake Hadley   Tuesday     6:00PM EST

AUG 26, 2020 |

The Smart Way to Manage Your Money and Build Wealth

 Atul Mehra   Wednesday     6:00PM EST

SEPT 9, 2020 |

Answers to the 5 Toughest HR Questions in your Dental Office

 Alex Zlatin   Wednesday     5:00PM EST

SEPT 16, 2020 |

How to Book Patients Automatically by Selecting the Right Dental Marketing Agency

Sharky Liu     Wednesday     5:00PM EST

SEPT 23, 2020 |

Leveraging Local Instagram Influencers to Grow Your Practice

Blake Hadley     Wednesday     5:00PM EST

SEP 29, 2020 |

Dental Practice Purchase 101: Everything You Need to Know Financially When Buying a Practice
Bonus: Fall 2020 Dental Economic Update and Tax Year-End Planning

 Atul Mehra   Wednesday     5:00PM EST

OCT 14, 2020 |

Pillars of a Winning Dental Team

 Shawn Peers  Wednesday     5:00PM EST

OCT 21, 2020 |

Record New Patients this Month! How Dentists are Profiting from this Pandemic

 Sharky Liu  Wednesday     5:00PM EST

NOV 4, 2020 |

Ventilation in The Dental Office -Are You Safe Enough?

 Dr. Dil Hirji   Wednesday     5:00PM EST

NOV 11, 2020 |

Preparing and Training Your Practice and Team for Health Inspectors and Labour Board Audits..Would You Pass?

 Dr. Natalie Archer   Wednesday     5:00PM EST

NOV 18, 2020 |

The Future Challenges in the Dental Industry:How to Prepare and Position Your Practice to Succeed in 2021

Sharky Liu,   Wednesday     5:00PM EST


Attending the COVID Webinar Series is the perfect opportunity for you to improve every aspect of your dental practice. You will:

  1. Learn best practices from industry experts on how to mitigate the interruption to the dental business
  2. Create a plan to ensure success during and after the COVID crisis. 
  3. Know what other dental offices are doing in handling the situation. 
  4. Know in a timely manner what needs to be done to mitigate negative consequences. 

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Sharky Liu

CEO of DentistFind

Sharky Liu is the founder and CEO of DentistFind, a results-driven dental marketing platform and marketing service that applies an analytical and data-based approach to increase new patient acquisition. DentistFind has successfully increased the number of dental office bookings for its clients by at least 40%.

Ryan Son Kee

Investment Advisor of RBC Dominion Securities

Ryan brings over 15 years of experience as a financial industry professional and actuary to his role as an Investment Advisor. He provides an exclusive list of clients with comprehensive wealth management services and solutions, so they can spend their time doing what matter most to them. He specializes in working with senior executives, business owners, actuaries and professionals in tech, media, medicine, and law.

Alex Zlatin

CEO of Maxident

As CEO, Alex Zlatin helps struggling dental professionals take control of their practices and reach the next level of success with responsible leadership strategies. Leveraging over 13 years of management and consulting experience, he empowers organizations to become more productive and profitable based on the belief that successful businesses establish a genuine connection with employees, patients, and vendors.

Harold Meredith

Owner of Consulting Dentists, LLC

Harold Meredith has been working with and helping Dentist’s exclusively since 1990 with business management and marketing. Harold has had the opportunity to visit well over 5,000 dental offices during this 30 year period of time and has developed many systems and ideas to help independent dental offices to become much more organized and profitable.

Slowly developing systems and proper protocols that meet the needs of each
individual dental office is hugely important to the success of an independent dental office. Harold will present a number of basic and important ideas to help with this success.

Matt Bladowski

President at Dental Strategy

He is the owner of Dental Strategy, a full-service dental consulting company focusing exclusively on Canadian dentists. Dental Strategy helps dentists prepare their practices for sale by providing practice valuations, as well as recommendations on how to increase its value through more effective practice management and marketing. In other instances, Dental Strategy assists dentists through the process of building a practice from scratch and in finding the right practice and in transitioning into it.

Matt is married to a dentist and manages a number of dental practices.

Matt graduated with an MBA from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Prior to starting Dental Strategy Matt has spent 12 years in marketing, management, and management consulting. He brings to dentists best business practices from his experience in helping organizations such as Black’s Photography, Dell, Fuji Photo Film, IBM/ Lenovo, Microsoft, RIM, Rolls-Royce, RONA, TD Bank, Toronto International Film Festival and Westjet.

Dr. Abbas Naqvi

Director of CIDE

Being a Dentist with formal education & experience in Media & Marketing and a keen interest in Education, Training, Networking and Business Development, Dr. Naqvi holds a diverse skill set and a unique position in the profession.

He is the Director at See Factor (Dental Media & Marketing) and CIDE (Canadian Integration by Dental Education) as well as the Editor Overseas for Dental News.

Blake Hadley

Partner of My Social Practice

Blake Hadley is a Founder and Partner of My Social Practice. He’s a graduate of the advertising program at Brigham Young University and has won a number of national and international awards in art direction, advertising, and creative marketing strategy. He is passionate about helping dental practices use out-of-the-box thinking to create stories that spread on social media. Over the past 10+ years in the dental industry, he has helped thousands of practices grow and thrive through digital marketing.

Dr. Raj Singh

Owner of Vitality Dentistry

Dr Raj Singh is a graduate of the University of Toronto with 35 years of Full-time
experience. He has been heavily focused on digital dentistry since 1995. Today,
virtually every procedure he performs involves some aspect of digital dentistry. He will discuss the many advantages of digital dentistry especially as it pertains to our New Normal. Post-Covid

Atul Mehra

Managing Director of
M & Co. LLP, Chartered Accountants Professional Corporation

M & Co. is a Canadian Chartered Accounting firm with its head office in Ontario, Canada. Our office has a focus on servicing Healthcare Professionals with a specialization in dental practices.

M & Co. is licenced in Ontario with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (“CPAO”) to perform pubic accounting services and is registered in the United States with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”) to perform public assurance engagements. Our founder and Managing Partner, Mr. Atul Mehra holds a Honours Bachelors of Commerce Degree from York University, a designation as a Chartered Accountant & Chartered Professional Accountant in Ontario, Canada, Certified Public Accountant Certification (Illinois) in the USA, a Certificate in Dental Practice Management from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry and has completed the Chartered
Professional Accountants In-Depth Tax Course, the most comprehensive domestic and international income tax training program in Canada.

Our goal has always been to serve our clients with the best accounting and tax services possible. This means being available and accessible to each individual client to answer a simple question or assist in solving a complex problem. At M & Co. we’re concerned about our client’s welfare, and we’re committed to helping them by providing all facets of quality and timely accounting and tax services

Sandie Baillargeon

President of Dental Office Consulting Services

Sandie Baillargeon is a leading authority on how to increase the effectiveness of dental business systems. She is the author of two textbooks, Dental Office Administration and The Canadian Dental Office Administrator, published by Nelson Canada. Sandie is the owner and operator of Dental Office Consulting Services, which specializes in dental business planning, staff development, consulting and continuing education seminars. Her signature courses include Dental Practice Manager and Dental Treatment Coordinator.

She created the First Certificate Course in Dental Practice Management at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry. Sandie has lectured at dental faculties across North America and has had articles published in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, Just for Canadian Dentists, Spectrum Teamwork, Denturism, Oral Health Magazine and writes a weekly blog for Oral Health and Monday Morning Management Moments with DOCS.

Visit her website at www.dentalofficeconsulting.com or contact her directly at (905) 332-2326

Shawn Peers

President of Dental Peers

Shawn is a recovering lawyer based out of Ottawa who provided extensive legal advice to members of the dental community during his 15 years as a practicing lawyer. However, in 2005, Shawn felt there was a way he could put his skills to use in the dental community in a different way so he embarked on a path that had him take over the DentalPeers buying group started by his mother, Eileen, in 1985. His goal with DentalPeers is to help private practicing dentists compete with the big DSO’s on service and supply costs while ensuring their complete autonomy. DentalPees works with you…they do not own your practice.

Shawn also started the Triple Star coaching and consulting network where he works with his vast array of coaching contacts to help your practice achieve the Five Star service you know it can provide. Finally, Shawn is the Cruise director for the Golden Girls of Dentistry cruises where consultants get together to share their knowledge and experience in a way that reflects his own belief that we are all better together.

Amy Tong

President of A.T. Financial Group and AWM Financial Services Inc.

Amy Tong is the President of A.T. Financial Group and AWM Financial Services Inc., Amy Tong has over 18 years of expertise in providing financial solutions to professionals in the health care industry. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, which contributes her an extensive background in finance and investment. Since 1997, Amy started to host different seminars for dentists, doctors, and other health care professionals about general insurance, tax-saving strategy, financial strategy planning, and wealth management. Amy has teams that provide wide services across Canada (e.g. Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan). Over the years, her clients have moved to places across Canada, the USA, and even places around the world (e.g. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Middle East, etc). Even though they are miles apart, she continues to keep in touch through email, web meetings, and phone at all hours.

Tero Huang

Financial Strategist

Tero Huang, a financial strategist, graduated from the University of Western with a BMOS degree, specializing in Human Resources Management, and is currently working towards her Certified Financial Planner designation. Since joining the industry 6 years ago, Tero has been working closely with Amy to help dental students and dental professionals to choose, invest, and manage plans that will properly protect their financial interest. As a speaker of the Dentistry Enlightenment Club (DEC), her goal is to enhance dentists’ knowledge and provides tips along the way to ensure they have a smooth and successful career path.

Bonnie Gross

President of SpeechScience International Inc

Combining Speech Pathology and Media Arts, Bonnie has created innovative speaking skills programs with outstanding, measurable results for the past 25 years.
President, SpeechScience International Inc. (current)
Former President of the Ontario Speech and Hearing Association.
Creator and head of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at Toronto’s Scarborough General Hospital for 15 years.
Award recipient – Honours of the Ontario Association of Speech-language Pathology and Audiology for outstanding contribution to the profession.
Award recipient – Ethnicity – Programming excellence Award.- A weekly TV show highlighting ethnic issues in the news in Canada.
Award recipient – Readers Choice award- Toronto Star – for Best Speech services in Toronto – 2019
Leadership Speaking Mastery, Accent Reduction, Executive Voice and Speaking skills, Public Speaking, Presence and Charisma courses delivered to – Fortune 500 companies, Schulich, and Ivey Schools of Business, United Nations- New York, and many private clients including Executives, rising Business people, actors and singers.

For questions or comments contact:

Sherry Smith
[email protected]
49 Colborne St Lower Level, Toronto, ON M5E 1C6
1(888) 784-7878 Ext 814