How Will Your Team Support You?


How Will Your Team Support You?

Once you have a clear vision of who you want to be as a dentist, you need to shift your focus to what your dentistry team will be like. How will you all work together to provide excellent dental care, a positive patient experience and support for each other? A part of this is nailing down what you expect from your dentistry team.

A lot of variation exists in the ways dentists work with other members of their team. Your goal here is to develop a plan that will work for you, given who you are and what goals you want to accomplish. Here are some of the ways different members of your team might support you in your dental practice:

  •         Provide exceptional customer service
  •         Keep dental supplies on hand at all times
  •         Keep records of daily transactions
  •         Ensure that patients are notified of upcoming appointments
  •         Take x-rays, clean teeth, and do other dental care tasks within their capabilities
  •         Assist with patient education
  •         Help you enforce your payment policies

As you visualize your dentistry business, imagine a synergistic atmosphere where all of you can accomplish together more than the sum of what each of you can accomplish individually. Your dental practice will be enhanced and your dentistry business will flourish in this teamwork frame of mind. Setting your expectations for your team now will prove to be an effective tool for dentistry success when you put your team together later in the process of hiring, training and managing your dental staff.