For dental clinics the most effective source of new patients are from referrals. As a clinic how do you get your patients to promote your clinic? You can send them to a Google review or Yelp review but once they post the review, it ends there. How do you have them promote your clinics to friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? Another email? is introducing an easy yet powerful feature will enable you to combine two of the most effective techniques for getting new patient flow, one have your own happy patients promote your clinic to the public and friends and two utilize search engines and social media, these are the 2 top methods for clinics to get new patients. 

The great thing is that this feature is currently free for you to use

patient referral review
patient referral review

The great thing about using this tool is that the more reviews you get on your profile, the higher ranking your clinic will be on and on Google. Hence the more patients you will get from our

This feature is in beta so start using this for free today and get the most out of it before the price goes up. Since it’s free it can only go up.
We would love to hear your suggestion and feedback, send us a message here. To use it log into your account by clicking the Start button below.

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