Your Philosophy of Treatment


Your Philosophy of Treatment

Developing a philosophy of treatment is extremely important to your dental practice. Once you have set an intention to practice dentistry in a certain way, large decisions become more manageable and small choices become almost effortless. It is also important to your clients to know what to expect from you. Many dentists include both a mission statement and a philosophy of treatment on their website. This can help attract patients to your dental practice who want what you have to offer them.

Start to work on your dental care philosophy by making a list of the functions you see your dental practice fulfilling. Some of these roles you may want to consider include:

  •         Helping people have better oral health
  •         Explaining options for dental treatments
  •         Reducing patient anxiety before and during dental treatments
  •         Offering unique services
  •         Improving patient’s’ appearance and self-confidence
  •         Providing excellent patient education on dental hygiene
  •         Serving a particular target market

Next, prioritize the list. All of these things, as well as other ideas you might come up with, may be important to you. But, what will set you apart as a dentist is which role or roles you focus on and value most. When you have set your top priorities for your dental practice, write one sentence that clearly states what you want to accomplish with your dental practice. This is your mission statement.

Follow this exercise by writing a few short paragraphs about each component of your mission to arrive at a statement of your philosophy of treatment. You do not have to worry about your writing style as you do this; you can hire a copywriter to come up with a compelling version for your website. The important thing is to get the ideas down, not only for your copywriter to incorporate on your website, but also to focus your own mind on your goals.