Meatspace Marketing and Patient Retention


Part 6: Meatspace Marketing and Patient Retention

Meatspace is a term that people who spend a lot of time online use to describe the physical world as opposed to cyberspace or digital communications. The term is helpful here, because it refers to another place you need to market your services. While your web presence is extremely important, you also need to have a presence in the physical world. Local marketing can help you get noticed more quickly than online marketing alone, especially by people who are not avid Internet users.

Patient retention is another area where you will be working in “meatspace” to let people know more about your services and remind them to come back to your dental office for their continued oral health. There are two main ways to accomplish high levels of patient retention. One is by creating a phenomenal patient experience each time patients visit your clinic. The other is to reach out to them to keep them informed about their dental health and your role as their dental care provider.